Vernon Carey Jr. Signs Heavily Guaranteed Four-Year Deal With Hornets

by Colin McGowan

Jamal Murray himself often looks like he’s guessing at what kind of night he’s going to have. Intention and outcome doesn’t line up perfectly for anybody, but with him the variance pitches past the axes of the chart.

by Colin McGowan

It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for Victor Oladipo, who burned out almost as quickly as he rose to prominence.

by John Wilmes

Despite historical evidence to the contrary, some argue this strain of superstar liberation is novel and it’s here to obliterate the league.

by Colin McGowan

Gordon Hayward is moving to Charlotte to stack ends, buy property, and play relatively pressure-free ball. That is getting older, for a lot of people. You give up a little bit, and realize it feels okay.

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