Celtics, Pacers Were Each Offering Gordon Hayward Four-Year, $100M+ Contracts

The Charlotte Hornets signed Gordon Hayward to one of the more controversial contracts of the 2020 offseason as the four-year, $120 million terms were widely viewed as exorbitant for a player of his caliber and injury history.

The Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers weren’t offering Hayward quite the same terms, but they each offered a contract of at least $100 million over four seasons. 

“You want to clown the contract?” said Zach Lowe on The Lowe Post. “That’s fine. Just know it’s not like the Pacers and the Celtics were offering $80 million. They weren’t offering $120 million. But my best intel is something like $105 million, $108 million, $102 million, $110 million. It’s not like the delta was so huge.”

Hayward will receive more money with the Hornets than he would have with either the Celtics and Pacers, but also a bigger role.

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