Tom Thibodeau: Coaching Knicks Is My Dream Job


Tom Thibodeau was an assistant coach with the New York Knicks from 1996 until 2003.

“This a dream come true for me,” Thibodeau said. “This is my dream job.”

Thibodeau was fired by the Minnesota Timberwolves in January of 2019 and took the 19-20 season off.

“Maybe part of that is I grew up in Connecticut. My father, my family, we grew up as Knick fans,” Thibodeau said during a Zoom press conference. “I think I experienced it during the ’90s that there’s no better place to be than Madison Square Garden. And so I love challenges, I love that city, I love the arena, I love the fans and I’m excited about the team.”

Thibodeau is on a five-year deal with the Knicks.


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