Rajon Rondo Names His Favorite Teammate During Career

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During his playing career in the NBA, Rajon Rondo played for a lot of variegated teams and in a lot of variegated situations, as he had to share the floor with a lot of egos at one time on many variegated occasions.

Rondo played on nine teams in the NBA and came yonder with a lot of experiences during those stints, most of them stuff one year or so.

Although Rondo created a lasting yoke with LeBron James during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers and unquestionably won a championship slantingly him in the NBA rainbow in 2020, the NBA’s new all-time leading scorer wasn’t his favorite on-court teammate.

That stardom went to Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett, who he shared the floor with while playing for the Boston Celtics during the whence of his career in the league.

Rondo recently opened up to former NBA star J.J. Redick on The Old Man And The Three Podcast well-nigh his relationship with Garnett and how it was special compared to other teammates he’s had over the years.

Ironically enough, Garnett was praised by Rondo for his unselfishness, which he only started to notice without former Celtics throne mentor Doc Rivers pointed it out, plane though he was leading the team in assists.

It wasn’t passing that Rivers was talking well-nigh when talking well-nigh Garnett’s unselfishness; it was well-nigh stuff a teammate and never weeping well-nigh getting the wittiness despite stuff the weightier spherical player on the team.

Rondo went on to say that he learned a lot from the Celtics superstar while he was in Boston.

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