NBA Draft 2024: Who should the Wizards select at picks No. 2, 26, and 51?

NBA Draft and college basketball expert Ryan Mallet makes an appearance.

On the previous Bleav in Wizards webcast, NBA Draft and school basketball expert Ryan Sledge joined to examine who the Washington Wizards ought to consider with each of their 2024 NBA Draft picks. Hammer has been giving truly clever inclusion of these possibilities all through the pre-draft process so just after the NBA Draft Consolidate appeared to be an incredible chance to have him on.

NBA Draft 2024: Who should the Wizards select at picks No. 2, 26, and 51?

The Wizards presently hold the second, 26th, and 51st picks so we talked through the most engaging choices at each spot and who is a practical wagered to in any case be on the board then, at that point. There's likewise been a few bits of hearsay the Wizards might attempt to make an exchange to wind up with another pick later in the lottery so we additionally covered a portion of the expected choices there too.

The following are only a portion of the names we covered at each pick. A few people we spent longer on than others so on the off chance that there's anybody you would like extra examination of, just let me in on in the remarks for future episodes.

2nd pick

Alex Sarr, 6’11.75, center, Perth

Ron Holland, 6’6.5, wing, G League Ignite

Donovan Clingan, 7’1.75, center, Connecticut

Rob Dillingham, 6’1, guard, Kentucky

Reed Sheppard, 6’1.75, guard, Kentucky

Nikola Topic, 6’6, guard, Red Star

Zaccharie Risacher, 6’9.5, wing, Bourg

Stephon Castle, 6’5.5, guard, Connecticut

Matas Buzelis, 6’8.75, forward, G League Ignite

Potential extra mid-first round pick

Isaiah Collier, 6’2.5, guard, Southern California

Carlton “Bub” Carrington, 6’3.75, guard, Pittsburgh

Kyshawn George, 6’7, wing, Miami

Johnny Furphy, 6’7.5, wing, Kansas

Tristan Da Silva, 6’8.25, forward, Colorado

26th pick

NBA Draft 2024: The Wizards' likely candidates with the No. 2 pick -  Bullets Forever

DaRon Holmes, 6’8.75, forward/center, Dayton

Yves Missi, 6’10.75, center, Baylor

Kel’el Ware, 6’11.75, center, Indiana

Zach Edey, 7’3.75, center, Purdue

Ryan Dunn, 6’6.25, wing, Virginia

Nikola Djurisic, 6’7, forward, Mega Basket

Ajay Mitchell, 6’3.25, guard, UC Santa Barbara

Baylor Scheierman, 6’6.25, guard/wing, Creighton

AJ Johnson, 6’4.25, guard/wing, Illawarra

51st pick

Trevon Brazile, 6’9.25, forward, Arkansas

PJ Hall, 6’8.25, forward, Clemson

Jonathan Mogbo, 6’6.25, forward, San Francisco

Garwey Dual, 6’3.5, guard, Providence

N’Faly Dante, 6’10, center, Oregon

Adama Bal, 6’5.5, wing, Santa Clara

Baba Miller, 6’10.75, forward/center, Florida State

Jamal Shead, 6’0.25, guard, Houston

Keshad Johnson, 6’6.25, forward, Arizona

Enrique Freeman, 6’7.25, forward, Akron

KJ Simpson, 6’0.25, guard, Colorado

Bronny James, 6’1.5, guard, Southern California

Tyon Grant-Foster, 6’5.75, wing, Grand Canyon


How many picks do the Wizards have in 2024?

As most fans are certainly mindful at this point, the Wizards will have the second pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Who has the Wizards 2024 pick in the NBA?

Who has the Wizards 2024 pick in the NBA?

Washington, D.C. - The NBA reported today that the Washington Wizards got the subsequent in general pick in the 2024 NBA Draft during the present Draft Lottery in Chicago. The Wizards were addressed in front of an audience by monitor/forward Bilal Coulibaly.

Who will be the #1 pick in the NBA draft 2024?

The Atlanta Birds of prey handled the No. 1 pick without precedent for establishment history notwithstanding entering the lottery with the 10th best chances. The Washington Wizards, who had a 14% opportunity at the top pick close by the Detroit Cylinders, handled the second pick in the forthcoming draft.

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