NBA play-in tournament 2024: Schedule, projections, standings

The NBA's play-in competition is set to begin at the finish of the normal season, adding one more layer to this last stretch of games as groups attempt to situate themselves for a potential postseason push.

At first carried out during the 2020-21 NBA season, the play-in competition extended the NBA's postseason to 20 groups (10 from every gathering). The best six groups from every meeting naturally fit the bill for the end of the season games, while the 7-through 10-seeds enter the play-in competition for an opportunity to expand their seasons.

NBA play-in tournament 2023 - Schedule, projections, standings - ESPN

This season's play-in competition race is tight, as groups attempt to keep away from the play-in out and out while others are expecting something like another shot at a season finisher spot.

In the West, Stephen Curry and the Brilliant State Champions are being pursued somewhere near the Houston Rockets, who are just three games behind the Names for the last play-in spot. In the East, the Miami Intensity have moved into the main six, with the Philadelphia 76ers and Indiana Pacers not far behind.

Here's beginning and end you really want to be familiar with the 2024 play-in competition, including how it works, current standings and expected matchups.

Current standings

The Bulls and Hawks have clinched a spot in the play-in tournament. They cannot finish higher than 7th or lower than 10th, regardless of what happens the rest of the season.

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