The Most Likely Paths to LeBron James Landing with Philadelphia 76ers

When Bronny James hit the NBA radar over the most recent couple of years, the discussion seethed uninvolved: Could a group draft LeBron James' child trying to bait his dad?

Bronny is currently remaining in the 2024 NBA draft, while LeBron can turn into a free specialist on the off chance that he declines his $51.4 million player choice with the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2024-25 season.

In the mean time, the Philadelphia 76ers will raise a ruckus around town equipped with two All-Stars and can make sufficient cap space to sign James to a maximum arrangement in free organization. They likewise have a group president in Daryl Morey whose obsession with whizzes is magnificent.

Philadelphia has been for quite some time connected to Paul George, however numerous around the association trust he and the L.A. Trimmers will ultimately settle on some mutual interest on another arrangement (albeit the continuous absence of goal is prominent). The idea of exchanging for Jimmy Steward isn't new (and was as of late investigated on B/R), however there's no thought at this point that the Miami Intensity will head out in different directions from him this offseason.

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Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer as of late extended the Sixers' list of things to get past George and Head servant to incorporate James and New Orleans Pelicans forward Brandon Ingram. The Sixers have a concise window to utilize their monetary adaptability this late spring and are anxious to give Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey the assist they with expecting to seek a title.

Assuming the 76ers conclude that James is their success presently focus on, his child might be the necessary evil. They have two picks in the 2024 draft (Nos. 16 and 41) and could utilize either to choose Bronny, who is by and large saw as a genuine NBA prospect however likely a second-round ability. In the event that the Sixers go after him in the main round or take him in the subsequent round, the following stage is persuade the senior James to join Embiid and Maxey (an individual Klutch Sports client) in Philadelphia.

That way could come to fruition in three ways: free office, exchange or sign-and-exchange. The last two would need support from the Lakers, yet the danger of the first might be all the influence that the Sixers need to get James for minimal pay.

Should James quit his agreement to re-sign with the Lakers or join the Sixers, he'll have to accept a slight decrease in salary to just shy of $50 million for 2024-25 (in view of the projected $141 million compensation cap). A three-year max manage the Lakers would be valued at $162 million, somewhat a bigger number of than the $157.5 million he can get from Philadelphia. The North of 38 Rule practically restricts James to a three-season contract.

That hole isn't adequately huge to be critical assuming James will pass on Los Angeles to play with his child. Yet, the Sixers are a rare example of groups that can manage the cost of him — the others incorporate the Detroit Cylinders and Orlando Wizardry.

Maxey has a $13 million cap hold as a free specialist. On the off chance that the Sixers let go of each and every other player other than Embiid and Maxey (by means of waiver, exchange or denial), they would have about $13.2 million remaining in cap space to spend in free organization subsequent to marking James.

In the wake of expenditure that cap space, they would re-sign Maxey, prone to a maximum agreement beginning at $35.3 million, and they would likewise acquire the $8 million room mid-level special case. Assuming the Sixers spent that leftover adaptability on two starters, they would have James, Embiid, Maxey and the players whom they chose at Nos. 16 and 41 (one of which would be Bronny).

The remainder of the program would be loaded up with least agreement players, which would be a dangerous recipe given Embiid and James' physical issue history over the last couple of seasons.

Maybe Nicolas Batum and Kyle Lowry would return on $3.3 million veteran-least arrangements. A sound De'Anthony Melton (who missed a significant part of the 2023-24 mission with a back physical issue) or even Mate Hield (on the off chance that he can't see as a superior proposition) could deal with the $8 million room MLE. Oubre would probably order the leftover $13.2 million in cap space except if another group offers more. Or on the other hand the Sixers can look somewhere else altogether with their leftover spending power.

Trade with the Lakers

The other choice is exchanging with the Lakers. James would get his $51.4 million player choice, and Philadelphia would assimilate his agreement into its cap space. That would decrease the Sixers' excess cap space to $11.8 million, $1.4 million not exactly in the event that they just marked James as a free specialist.

James would be qualified for a two-year expansion (as of August 18) beginning at roughly $54.3 million for a sum of $162.7 million more than three years (or $164.3 million on the off chance that he holds up a half year to expand). That expects the 2025-26 compensation cap leaps to $155.1 million — the most extreme 10% it can — because of the NBA's new public television contracts.

The Sixers have no great explanation to exchange for James as opposed to marking him as a free specialist except if he demands the more worthwhile way. The Lakers, confronting the possibility of James leaving through and through, would probably really like to acquire a $51.4 million exchange exemption by sending him to Philadelphia by means of exchange.

Maybe the exchange could develop to incorporate extra Lakers in the event that the Sixers esteemed players like Bumped Vanderbilt, Gabe Vincent, Christian Wood, Jaxson Hayes, and additionally Cam Ruddy (expecting the last two pick in). However, the 76ers would have to favor them over other free-specialist targets and might have to want to give enough to boost the Lakers.

For the Lakers, a James-sized exchange exemption would be bigger than the generally $30 million in cap space they could make without him. (D'Angelo Russell would likewise need to decline his $18.7 million player choice, among others.) The proviso for the Lakers is that they could involve the special case in an exchange. In any case, it very well may be the way in to the Lakers tricking one more group's Top pick (alongside future draft contemplations, for example, Cleveland Cavaliers watches Donovan Mitchell or Darius Wreath.


In fact, there's a third way, yet it may not best the initial two. James could quit and sign with the Lakers at the $50 million max as a feature of an exchange with the 76ers.

The Lakers would get a somewhat more modest exchange special case. The Sixers would profit from about $1.4 million of extra cap space rather than James selecting in at the higher figure, however at that point James wouldn't get as huge of an agreement ($157.5 million, same as the free-specialist choice).

Philadelphia would be hard-covered the main cover ($178.7 million) subsequent to gaining James by means of S&T, while the Lakers would be hard-covered at the subsequent cover ($189.5 million). Neither ought to be essentially prohibitive, yet it would be additional means without clear increase.

Hypothetically, Philadelphia could decide to remain over the cap, procuring James through different sign-and-exchanges with players like Tobias Harris, Robert Covington, Hield, Melton and Batum. In any case, given the intricacy of that and the projected market upsides of those players, that doesn't appear to be sensible.

Staying with the LakersStaying with the Lakers


Should James decide to remain in Los Angeles, he can select in and reach out for up to $164.3 million. That is equivalent to the sum he can get from Philadelphia assuming he's adequately patient. The cash alone won't drive his choice, so the Sixers can sensibly face the determined challenge on Bronny James in the draft.

The main clear benefit to quitting and once again marking with the Lakers in free office is that James could get a no-exchange proviso, which can't be attached by means of expansion. Could it be said that he will surrender around $2.4 million for that extra power? In any case, James wouldn't be qualified for a no-exchange proviso with the Sixers.

The Lakers are broadly expected to draft Bronny either with one of their own two picks (Nos. 17 or 55) or by exchanging up in the subsequent round. However, the Sixers have the influence over the Lakers with higher choices in the two rounds.

While early dealings are unlawful much of the time, that seldom prevents groups from altering in the background. The Sixers ought to have an excellent of their possibilities arrival George, Head servant or Ingram by the draft. They might get James' approval prior to drafting his child.

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