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Even in the early stages of the season, trade rumors have swirled around players like Zach LaVine and both struggling. clubs like the Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Hornets and contenders like the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. One of the reasons we haven't seen much action up to this point is because a pool of over 100 players isn't currently available for trade.

signed free agents cannot be traded until December 15. This rule removes about 70 players from the market. Another group of 30 players inked contracts this summer. but because their teams were over the cap, they received a rise of more than 20 percent.

1.Cleveland Cavaliers' Caris LeVert

Last season, Caris LeVert was a standout for the Cavaliers. shooting a career-high 39.2 percent of his 3-point attempts and providing a reliable offensive engine for the second unit. The Cavs considered dealing him at the start of the season. But he performed well enough that they held him through the trade deadline. Then re-signed him to a two-year, $32 million contract in the offseason.

Yet, LeVert's shooting percentages have regressed to his career averages. And the Cavs' offense has been a failure . If they are going to make a deal to improve their outside shooting and perimeter creation. LeVert is the best asset they have available.

LeVert may not be enough for the Cavaliers. He still has a lot to give, and it's not difficult to picture another contender with more offensive depth lusting after his versatility. The issue isn't so much that he's not terrific as it is that the Cavs roster need him to be greater than he is currently. He may be a missing piece for a team like the Heat or Kings.

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Los Angeles Lakers' Gabe Vincent

Vincent appeared in four, awful games before being sidelined by a knee injury. He has absolutely no track record to go on this season. But he's still a good perimeter defender and a effective secondary playmaker and spot-up shooter.

Because his deal is considerable — three years, $33 million. — he might be rolled in with Russell for salary-matching purposes if the Lakers make a huge trade. There were a lot of suitors for Vincent in the offseason. and it's possible the Lakers will get some offers for him separately from a star deal. especially if he continues to appear out of sorts when LeBron returns.

Los Angeles Lakers' D'Angelo Russell

Who can't be traded till December 15th

If the Lakers make a trade for a talent like LaVine. They'll almost probably have to include Russell since his two-year. $36 million contract is essential for salary matching. The issue is persuading someone to take him.

Russell is putting up monster numbers and draining 3s this season. But there are few signs that he's improved as a defender enough to stay on the floor in close playoff games. and he still has a frustrating tendency to go cold in crunch time — he's made 41.9 percent of his 3s this season but is 10-of-30 from beyond the arc in six games. The against teams ahead of them in the Western Conference standings.

Chicago Bulls - Jevon Carter

Carter established himself as a valuable backup with the Milwaukee Bucks before signing a three-year. $19.5 million contract with the Bulls this summer. The Bulls, but, are a shambles, and Carter could be one of the more fascinating components for a contender.

Carter's salary is cheap, he's a ferocious point-of-attack defender. and over the last three seasons, he's made 40.5 percent of his three-point attempts. He doesn't have much to offer as a creator, but he can provide consistency alongside other backcourt scorers.

He's hardly the biggest prize, but if the Bulls are clearing the decks, they should have no trouble finding a playoff club ready to part with some assets.

Los Angeles Lakers — Cam Reddish

Reddish is on his fourth NBA team in five seasons, having struggled to find a steady position for himself. He still has excellent physical tools and has developed into a really plus wing defender. The issue is that he is still a highly inconsistent outside shooter who doesn't contribute much else on offense.

But he's still only 24, and he's playing as well as he's ever played this season. producing a ton of steals and deflections while also doing an excellent job of finishing in transition and as a cutter. It wouldn't take much improvement from beyond the arc for him to become a credible 3-and-D role player capable of playing important minutes in the playoffs. If the Lakers are to make the playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers — Taurean Prince

Prince has been in the Lakers' starting lineup all season, making an impact with his size and enthusiasm. Yet, he is hitting 32.0 percent from outside the arc and may become increasingly ineffective as Jarred Vanderbilt returns from injury and Cam Reddish improves.

A salary of slightly more than $4.5 million may be handy in compiling matching contracts in a deal for a bigger player. And Prince has enough value as a rangy wing defender to attract some interest.

Miami Heat — Thomas Bryant

Bryant appeared to be a perfect fit for the Heat when he signed. a dynamic offensive weapon in the frontcourt who could score on his own against mismatches. Help spread the floor and give a fresh vitality to the second unit's pick-and-roll game.

However, he has struggled to establish a continuous role and has failed to capitalize on the possibilities that have been presented to him. His percentages within the arc are considerably down, and he's only attempted three 3-pointers, all of which he's missed, after making 44.1 percent with the Lakers and Nuggets last season.

Bryant's contract is incredibly low-cost, but he does have a player option for next season if the Heat determine he isn't a good fit.

Toronto Raptors' Jalen McDaniels

McDaniels has been a shambles to begin the season. shooting 28.6 percent from the floor and going 4-of-20 from beyond the arc while sliding out of the Raptors rotation. But he's still 26 and a powerful defender with good positional versatility and a two-year, $9 million contract. He could be an intriguing risk for a team searching for size and defense, such as the Suns or Mavericks.

Dallas Mavericks - Seth Curry

Curry hasn't seen much action for the Mavericks this season, thanks to a hip injury. But, despite a two-year, $4 million contract that is only partially guaranteed for next season. He remains a reliable outside shooting threat. The Mavericks are receiving extremely good outside shooting from Tim Hardaway Jr., Grant Williams, Josh Green, and Derrick Jones Jr., and they may decide it's worth looking at trading Curry to address another void.

Denver Nuggets – Justin Holiday

The Nuggets may decide to keep Holiday just to keep him away from a rival team, but he may have some trade value. They signed him to a one-year, $3 million contract this summer in an attempt to rebuild their bench. But that second unit has performed admirably, and Holiday has primarily been on the outside looking in. participating in just 10 games and ranking 11th on the club in total minutes played.

Holiday, 34, is a mediocre defender at best, but he's still 6-foot-6 and a superb 3-point shooter. connecting on 11-of-22 attempts this season and 37.8 percent over the last five years. The Nuggets may require him at some point. but assuming everyone is healthy, their wing rotation is already heavy, and it may be worthwhile to try to trade him for an asset whose value will last beyond the end of the season.


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